K-Tron's Systems Engineering Capabilities in Polyolefin Production 

(Niederlenz, Switzerland, October 25, 2010)  - Projects for the design and construction of a polyolefin manufacturing plant range from simple plant expansions or line modifications, to complex inquiries for the construction of a new facility. From the initial concept to plant start-up, there are many variables to consider and handle correctly for the entire project to be successful.

Modern polyolefin production lines are centered around high-precision feeding equipment capable of handling existing and new materials/additives that are required for the production of different resin grades.  Production optimization calls for reducing plant foot print and searching for easy-to-maintain process equipment.  K-Tron’s expertise in bulk solids handling helps polyolefin producers handle challenging powder additives in the most cost-effective way.

The engineering of polyolefin production plants calls for know-how and experience not only in materials science, but also in pneumatic conveying and feeding systems. K-Tron offers a wide experience designing, manufacturing, integrating and commissioning high-quality process equipment, including nitrogen closed-loop systems, for high-quality and accuracy. 

K-Tron's engineering teams are capable of interpreting complicated engineering specifications working in coordination with technology licensors, engineering companies and polyolefin producers. The results of proven project management skills can be seen in the many projects already implemented worldwide.