Coperion K-Tron and Coperion Offer Processing and Packaging Solutions at Pharma / Pack Expo 2014, November 2-5, McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois, Booth W-834

Pitman, NJ (October 8, 2014) – Coperion K-Tron and Coperion will exhibit several new additions to the product line at Pharma / Pack Expo 2014, November 2-5, McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois, Booth W-834, furthering the company’s product range to include processing and packaging components and systems. Equipment on display includes a vibratory pharmaceutical feeder, ZRD hygienic rotary valve, smart weigh belt feeder, and P-30 sanitary receiver. Product demonstrations include the Intelligent FFS Packaging Machine IPB 250 as well as a hot melt tank demonstration for hot melt glue applications.

Vibratory Loss-in-Weight Feeder

The Vibratory loss-in-weight feeder is designed for the low rate addition of difficult flowing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's). Typical applications include vibratory feeding of cohesive API's that normally would build up when fed via standard twin screw feeding configurations. Feeder is ideal for continuous pharmaceutical operations, such as continuous extrusion, granulation, mixing and coating. 

Automatic Hot Melt Tank Filling

The Coperion K-Tron Hot Melt Tank Loader provides efficient loading of hot melt glue pastilles, pellets, and slats at up to 300 kg/hr [660 lb/hr] with no moving parts. The unique venturi pick-up assembly design ensures efficient and economical use of compressed air and can be dismantled for cleaning if required. Material is blown into the melt tank through an easily removable, large surface area filter.

ZRD Hygienic Rotary Valve for Sanitary Applications

Coperion's ZRD Hygienic Rotary Valve is specially designed for sanitary, pharmaceutical, food and chemical applications where contamination is a constant concern, and frequent disassembly and cleaning is required. The ZRD Hygienic includes full access extraction system and a large inlet for high filling efficiency. The entire unit is specially designed to avoid contamination with product contact surfaces and is constructed from DIN 1.4404 [AISI 316L] stainless steel. The ZRD Hygienic is designed according to EHEDG guidelines with pressure differentials up to 1.5 bar(g) [21 psi(g)] and temperatures up to 100° C [212° F].

Fully integrated packaging systems from Coperion - weighing, bagging & palletizing

The Coperion FFS Bagging Machine IBP 250 / 500 offers intelligent packaging with automated features to ensure crystalline, granular, beaded or flaked goods are accurately weighed, dosed and hygienically packaged. The IBP 250 / 500 features a small footprint and the controls can be navigated intuitively by using a touchscreen. Its modular design allows an easy upgrade of machine performance to be made without replacing the complete system. Check weigher, metal detector, bag making system and automatic cleaning can optionally be integrated into the system. Stop by booth W-834 for a demonstration.


- Complete packaging solution in one compact unit
- Simple to operate and easy maintenance
- Integrated automatic cleaning system and metal detector
- User-friendly intuitive touchscreen controls
- Useable with a wide range of bag and pallet sizes
- Modular design makes future capacity upgrade easier

All Coperion bagging and palletizing systems can be integrated into existing plant data acquisition systems for quality control and packaging efficiency control.

Weigh Belt Feeders Handle Fragile Bulk Materials at Higher Feed Rates

The Weigh Belt Feeder is a relatively simple, extremely reliable gravimetric feeder providing high feeding precision and efficient process monitoring. Weigh belt feeders can be used as a feeder, batcher, or meter. The most typical application is for feeding / weighing into a continuous process. The weigh belt feeder offers gentle material handling, an important benefit compared to other feed devices, such as a screw feeder, when handling certain materials:

- Flakes (e.g. corn flakes, bran flakes, and wheat flakes)
- Lumpy bulk solids (e.g. vegetables and fruits)
- Shear sensitive materials (e.g. corn flakes, frozen vegetables and frozen fruits)
- High abrasive bulk solids - due to a low friction coefficient applied to the materials
- Low melting bulk solids (e.g. fat flakes)

P30 Vacuum Sequencing Central Receiver

The Coperion K-Tron P30 is designed to convey powders and meets the rigid sanitary requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries. With the choice of various discharge valve types (powered flap and active driven butterfly gate valves) the P30 can be used for conveying applications such as hopper loading, as well as loss-in-weight feeder refill applications, where the receiver is not always emptied completely. All components are constructed of stainless steel (DIN 1.4404, AISI 316L) and are available in bead blast, satin or mirror polish finish. All units have reverse jet filters and include tri clover quick release fittings, food grade gaskets and an automatic filter cleaning system. Mechanical features include sanitary design for easy cleaning, rugged modular design, steep cone angles that ensure excellent discharge, and large area reverse jet filter for efficient powder conveying.