Pandora End of Line Mixing – The Compact Feeding and Mixing Concept for the Food and Feed Industries

Niederlenz/Switzerland, (March 16, 2010) – At Powtech 2010 in Nuremberg, Germany, K-Tron will show, together with Dinnissen, a new variation of the Pandora End of Line Mixing® System, especially suited for significantly reducing rework. In hall 7, booth 366, you can see the Pandora End of Line Mixing® System, which is designed to feed up to a maximum of 10 (micro) ingredients very precisely into a compact Pegasus Paddle Mixer, where they are mixed extremely homogenously in a continuous process. Pandora End of Line Mixing is ideal for applications which require quick and easy changes in formulation without contamination or danger of segregation. An additional advantage is the low power consumption.

K-Tron will also be exhibiting the MT12 Twin Screw Microfeeder for volumetric or gravimetric feeding of bulk materials at extremely low rates. K-Tron Premier’s P-Series vacuum receivers and loaders provide an ideal solution for difficult conveying applications. The sanitary design is perfect for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The P30 model will be shown at Powtech.

Also on display, K-Tron Premier’s Aerolock rotary valves, backed by more than 50 years of experience-tested design and a wide variety of applications. From our line of more than 150 models and sizes, K-Tron Process Group will exhibit the Heavy-Duty (HD) model – ideal for heavy-duty industrial service and high volumetric efficiency – and the Quick-Clean (QC) model – ideal for frequent disassembly and cleaning. requirements.