WYK Two-Way Diverter Valve

Typical Industrial Applications

  • Stainless steel diverter valve for powders and granular products
  • Single channel diverter valve in conical design
  • Execution "K": Asymmetric design with 45° angle, suitable for distributing and collecting in pneumatic conveying lines and in gravity pipes
  • Sanitary and wet cleanable design, EHEDG certified (0.8 Ra execution); suitable for the wet cleaning process. It is essential for the function and for the cleaning result that the rotor is disassembled after each washing process and manually cleaned and dried
  • For installation in conveying lines or in gravity pipes at up to 5 bar(g) [73 psi(g)]
  • Operation temperature up to 100° C [212° F]

WYK Diverter Valve Design Features and Options

  • Seal configuration: elastomer seals at rotor ends and elastomer lateral seal
  • Housing with clamp ferrules (BS 4825-3)
  • Quick cleaning execution: manual extracting of rotor

Standard Mechanical Specifications

  • Rotor seals: EPDM, PTFE (FDA compliant)
  • Material of construction: Cast stainless steel 1.4404 [AISI 316L]
  • CE compliant (standard configuration)
  • Actuators: twin swivel actuator + double acting extraction cylinder, control pressure 5.5 to 8 bar(g) [80 to 116 psi(g)]