SFR Sanitary Filter Receiver

The Sanitary Filter Receiver provides optimal material-from-air-separation in the most stringent food applications requiring quick clean-out and elimination of cross contaminants.

Typical Industrial Applications

The unique top material entry design on the receiver reduces can velocity concerns. Material entering the SFR is filtered by a cleanable, spunbond substrate polyester with an ePTFE membrane which is FDA approved. The filters are cleaned and easily changed via a tool-less, removable blow-back assembly. The SFR is accessed and easily cleaned through a side entry access door, which can be opened without tools (non-CE version) and is integrated on a single hinge with the filter tube sheet.

SFR Sanitary Filter Receiver Design Features and Options

  • Materials of construction are DIN 1.4301 [AISI 304] stainless steel with No. 4 polish - commonly used in food processing and dairy equipment. The filters are cleaned by sequential pulses of compressed air from a removable, locally mounted accumulator. Pulsing intervals are adjusted via an DIN 1.4301 [AISI 304] stainless steel IP66 [NEMA 4X] timer panel to ensure optimal cleaning. The SFR is specifically designed to reduce food contaminants and/or the cross contamination of allergens.
  • The unit is easily cleanable with rounded corners, no hidden areas and no ledges other than the area at the door opening, which is easily accessible for cleaning. Other materials of construction and weld finishes are available upon request. The SFR is designed to meet FDA, EHEDG, ATEX standards and can easily be adapted for NFPA standards.

Standard Mechanical Specifications

  • Unit sizes 914mm [36 in] and 1219mm [48 in] diameter
  • DIN 1.4301 [AISI 304 stainless steel construction, polished to 0.8 Ra [150 grit] surface on both the interior and exterior 
  • 70 degree hopper welded to filter housing
  • Product contact welds are flush and polished to 1.8 Ra [80 grit]
  • External welds are ground smooth - free from cracks and crevices
  • Cleaning timer control panel with DIN 1.4301 [AISI 304] stainless steel IP66 [NEMA 4X] enclosure and 24 VDC operation
  • Helix tube filter cartridges are 100% spun bond with ePTFE
  • Includes mounting legs
  • Pressure differential indicator
  • No-tool access door with ergonomic handles