Aeration Pads

Simultaneously aerating and vibrating bulk material, the low profile Coperion K-Tron aeration pads provide an effective flow aid for use when discharging all types of granular or powdered materials.

Typical Industrial Applications

Overcoming bridging and rat-holing, the special design of the device causes a vibration as fluidizing air flows between the rim of the diffuser and the bin wall. The aeration pads are generally only activated during discharge, resulting in very low air consumption. Depending on the bulk material and application, blower air is generally between 5 to 20 psi(g) (0.3 to 1.3 bar(g)).

Aeration Pads Design

  • Stainless steel (316L) shaft with food grade silicone rubber diffuser
  • Vibrating action promotes material flow
  • Compatible with any type of silo or bin
  • Low profile improves material flow
  • Captive diffuser eliminates risk of detachment during operation
  • Uses pressured air 5 to 20 psi(g) (0.3 to 1.3 bar(g))
  • Safe for use in hazardous areas
  • Rated for temperature up to 205° [401°F]


  • Retrofitted in minutes
  • Suitable for granular or powdered materials
  • Suitable for abrasive materials
  • Durable Construction
  • Totally maintenance free
  • Self-cleaning and hygienic