Gravity Slide Gates

Gravity Slide Gates are ideal for use in controlling a gravity-fed material stream.

When in the open position, the gate’s blade is completely removed from the control opening, making a resistance-free passage for the material stream.

picture of gravity gate slide


  • Special stainless steel service inlets used when shutoff is made against a head of material, when handling abrasive materials, or for applications requiring the gate to cut through pelletized or granular materials. Service inlets are designed to minimize material shearing and material contact with the seals.  
  • Designed for applications up to 15 PSIG with temperatures up to 250° F.
  • 6" to 16" sizes.
  • Aluminum body, 304 stainless steel gate blade, and nylon gate seals.
  • Manual-, motorized- or air-operated actuator.
  • Single or double solenoid valve.
  • Two SPDT position proof switches for both gate positions.
  • NEMA 4 or NEMA 7/9 enclosures.