MD 1820 Rectangle AerolockTM Rotary Valve

Designed for high volume services, the Maximum Duty 1820 AerolockTM rotary valve is commonly used for materials that can be challenging to work with.

Typical Industrial Applications

The MD 1820 is engineered for heavy to severe industrial service with pressure differentials up to 1.4 bar [20 PSI] and/or temperatures of 121o C [250° F]. The ability to withstand severe shock loads and elevated temperatures make the MD 1820 Aerolock atrue “maximum duty” performer.

The MD 1820 is commonly used with some of the most challenging materials including:

  • Minerals
  • Chemicals
  • Fillers
  • Food Ingredients
  • Filled Pellets
  • PVC Compound
  • Diatomaceous Earth

HD Aerolock Rotary Valve Features and Options

With a ten-blade rotor, the MD 1820 maintains a minimum three blade labyrinth seal to minimize air leakage. The ten-blade rotor is available with flat or relieved tips in several rotor choices. The MD 1820 has a single radial ball bearing on the drive side and two tapered roller bearings on the thrust side.

Options include standard flat or relieved tips Rotor blades;coatings available in chrome, Tungsten carbide, Nedox,Nickel (electroless)

Standard Mechanical Specifications

  • Rectangular inlet/outlet flange patterns
  • Cast iron housing and end plates (coatings available)
  • Carbon steel rotors
  • Outboard bearings