C1K Sight Glass Venturi Loader

The Pulsomax Sight Glass Venturi Loader is designed to provide a cost effective means of loading small quantities of material directly to the process machine.

The Pulsomax incorporates a site glass for easy viewing of material status and is mounted directly at the throat of the machine. This minimizes the amount of stored product and allows fast material changes.

About Pulsomax Loader

The Pulsomax loader includes a Polymax rigid plastic dust filter which can be quickly removed for cleaning with an airline or water jet. An optional neodymium magnet rod can be locked into a hole in the discharge cone or body and when removed, a PVC sheath can be slid off for instant discharge of tramp ferrous metal. The control box has an illuminated power switch and operation light with alarm function.

Pulsomax loaders are supplied complete with:

  • Venturi pick-up wand
  • 3m / 10ft of flexible pipe
  • Pre-wired ready for use
  • Blank base flange

Optional Items:

  • Removable magnet
  • Micro Feeder for free-flow additives
  • Adaptor collars for machine mounting
  • Mounting flanges for other feeders or blenders

Typical Pulsomax loader installation on injection machine