P10 Venturi Loader

Often used for loading hoppers as well as loss-in-weight feeder refill, the P10 Venturi Loader is designed to convey powders for sanitary, pharmaceutical, food and chemical applications.

Typical Industrial Applications

With the choice of various discharge valve types (powered flap and active driven butterfly valve) the P10 Venturi Loader can be used for conveying applications such as hopper loading, as well as loss-in-weight feeder refill applications, where the loader is not always emptied completely. The venturi power unit utilizes compressed air to create a vacuum convey source. 

P10 Venturi Loader Design Features and Options

Constructed from DIN 1.4408 [AISI 316L] stainless steel with internal and external electropolished surface passivation, the modular construction and sanitary design, without pockets or dead spaces, allow for easy disassembly and cleaning as well as simple expansion with the optional extension modules. The P10 Venturi Loader meets 3A Dairy sanitary requirements and includes FDA accepted seals and gaskets throughout. The venturi loader also meets ATEX 2GD/1D and NEC Class 1, Div 2, Group C&D classifications.

The unit comes standard with a 115/230 VAC, 15 amp controller that is capable of handling future add-on options, such as hopper high level probes.

Designed for indoor use, the operating temperatures range between -10° C to +50° C [14° F to 122° F].

Standard Mechanical Specifications

  • Stainless steel DIN 1.4408 [AISI 316] material contact parts 
  • Venturi supply air: 6 bar [90 PSI] and 1 m3/min [35 ft3/min] required
  • Stainless steel enclosure for venturi power unit
  • Surface finish electropolished
  • Welds continuous as laid
  • Product contact surfaces FDA accepted 
  • Stainless steel band clamps
  • Sealing and gaskets, FDA listed food grade materials:
  • Convey line connection: 38.1 mm [1.5 in] and 50.8 mm [2 in]
  • Butterfly valve discharge, DN 100 or 150 [4 or 6 in] diameter
  • Power flap discharge, 150 mm [6 in] diameter
  • Polyester pleated cartridge filters with stainless steel end caps (1 filter, total 0.25 m2 [2.7 ft2]; length 200 mm [7.9 in])
  • Automatic reverse jet filter: 2 dm3 [0.07 ft3] stainless steel air reservoir; 4 bar max [60 psi]
  • Material certificate EN 10204-2.1